Black & Veatch is a global leader in the engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) industry who aims to solve complex challenges in communities around the world. With its specialization in major markets and services such as smart cities, power, water, oil & gas, telecommunications and management consulting, Black & Veatch is widely recognized for its thought leadership and revolutionary solutions for its large-scale projects. Black & Veatch partnered with our team at Boston Interactive to build a more dynamic digital presence that better exemplifies the company’s brand and mantra of Building a World of Difference® across all channels.


  • Developed a best-in-class digital ecosystem that directly generates and nurtures leads for Black & Veatch by surrounding the audience with the right set of touch points and content to drive conversion.
  • Created a comprehensive careers portal to attract top talent to the company
  • Built a unique, engaging layout and user experience that showcases Black & Veatch’s wide array of projects
  • Highlighted the balance between projects and the surrounding communities to express Black & Veatch’s dedication to creating a positive impact on the people directly affected by the company’s work

The Blueprints for Lead Generation

The main goal of the Black & Veatch digital overhaul was to build a lead generation and nurture strategy tailored to the unique needs of Black & Veatch’s audience. Our team strategically implemented high-value content across the site to engage prospective clients in the right place at the right times. This content highlights the importance of quality for all of Black & Veatch’s work.

This simplification of content not only catches the viewer’s eye but helps show that Black & Veatch is moving toward something bigger within the EPC industry; impactful, individualized projects with meaning and purpose.

The new Black & Veatch site is built using the Drupal CMS system, which gives the internal team an easier opportunity to update audiences on Black & Veatch’s latest projects. Now that the business has a wider range of motion to adjust and add content, Black & Veatch can better showcase its successes and determination to innovate within the EPC industry.